Bubble Milk Tea Recipes

How to Make Bubble Milk Tea

Bubble milk tea is one of the favorite beverages of many for all seasons. It is originated from Taiwan that is usually prepared with a sweetened tea and milk plus chewy tapioca balls or bobba. Bubble milk tea comes in various flavors. The most famous one is black or jasmine tea. There are also fruit flavor tea, honeydew; strawberry; wintermelon, and even taro.

Bubble milk tea stores are popular nowadays especially in the originated country you would find many stores selling bubble milk tea everywhere. They all have different tastes as per their ways of preparation. Some prepare too sweet bubble milk tea, while some prepare just enough sweeteners. Good thing is that the bubble milk tea recipe is not that hard to find. And you can even prepare bubble milk tea for your family at home easily.
Listed below are the major ingredients in preparing the bubble milk tea that you may try at home. Some of the ingredients are not hard to find.

The most important ingredient in the bubble milk tea recipe. If your desire for a milk tea is to have a robust flavor, black or jasmine tea would be the best choice. Just add milk and cubes of ice, it will leave a strong tasting taste of tea. If you’re aiming for a fruit taste of tea, you may try the honeydew, strawberry, wintermelon, and taro, each would be mixed with milk and cubes of ice.

You may use different sweeteners you have in the kitchen such as honey, sweetener syrup, and granulated sugar. Be careful when adding the sweeteners. The more sweetener you’ll add, the more sweetness it becomes. Because not everyone desires a very sweet bubble milk tea.

In choosing the right milk for your tea, you must use the one that fits your tastes. Most milk tea lovers use whole milk tea because it adds a rich flavor that makes it tastier. You may also use condensed milk as an alternative if you want to try something new. Condensed milk will add sweetness and a creamy taste to the beverage.

Don’t try too hard in making tapioca pearls as these could be found in the market. It would save your time and energy in making your own tapioca pearls. Tapioca pearls can be cooked in just 5 minutes. There will just be a difference if you will use tapioca pearls made of flour and made starch.

Some prepare pearls just the amount that they need because the pearls get hardened as they cool. So it is not advisable if to be kept overnight. But if you will keep the pearls in the water you used for cooking, their soft texture retains for a longer time.

There you go, you have your homemade bubble milk tea. It could be served whether hot or cold. Other add ons will be applied depending on how you want it to be prepared. It is also popular in Taiwan to use coconut jelly, pudding, and black jelly as an alternative to tapioca pearls. While in the US, they use cream cheese for an additional flavor that tastes really good. Which you may also use in creating your all bubble milk tea recipe. There are still a lot of flavors and add ons that you may try from different stores as they always search for a better taste.

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